Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Who Made God?

Yesterday I got an email from a parishioner. Her 5 year old grandson had asked, "Who made God?" She said that she and her daughter were stumped as to how to answer her grandson's question.

And so, I ask you: Who made God? Is it something that you've ever wondered? What answer were you given when you asked your parents/teachers/clergy person? What answer have you given a child?

I'll give you my answer to her in a couple of days, but I'd like to hear what you think first.


Anonymous said...

What a great question...thanks for making me think a bit. I'm certain the monkeys at my house will hit me with this one, maybe I will be prepared. God is eternal -without beginning or end. No one made God, it is he who created the "Who". It is my faith in the limitless power of God that allows me know this. I look forward to your answer. Michele

Anonymous said...

Welll for a child.. It's a simple answer:

Mr & Mrs God of course. If we are created in gods image then it's pretty simple math to know that god world have
parents. Of course god really never got along with his parents, he stopped talking to them when he went off to
university. I suspect Jesus was forbidden to mention them
At the dinner table. Which is why we hear so little about them in bible.

On a more serious note, it only stands to reason god
had parents.