Friday, September 5, 2008

Mr. and Mrs. God?

So, who made God? I loved the response that it was Mr. and Mrs. God. Ah, if it was only that easy to find evidence that God was made by another being. But, then again, what kind of being would make God? And does God worship that being? Man, these are tough questions.

What I would probably say to one of my children, and most likely have, is that God did not have a beginning. God was not made, God has always been and always will be.

I have found that children are much more comfortable with mystery than we are and that this is a satisfactory answer, at least for a while.

As an adult answer, I suppose I would add a few things. God is beyond our comprehension. We cannot see God and generally we know God because we have experienced God at work in our hearts and our lives. Thus, we are left with many practical questions about God: What does God look like? How did God come into existence? Where does God live? And, of course, these are questions that theologians and philosophers have been trying to answer for generations.

Many have tried to make logical arguments for God's eternal existence (no beginning and no end). There are arguments about God not having a beginning, therefore not having a maker. There are arguments that God is outside of time, matter, and place, therefore God has always been. There are arguments that God brought everything else into existence, therefore God must have existed before that and without any evidence of another being to create God, God must have always been. And most arguments use scripture to support their conclusions. A quick Google search of "Who made God?" will link you to several interesting articles and blog posts about this topic.

Ultimately, I think as people of faith we recognize that sometimes we don't have a logical answer that comes with irrefutable proof. From what we know of God, from our own experience of God and from what other people have written about their experience of God (either in scripture or in other books), God seems to be more than we can understand. God is beyond our experience of a world that is bound by time, place, and matter. Our world suggests that everything must have a beginning (therefore a maker or a cause) and an end, but that does not mean that God is bound by those same principles.

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Fred Preuss said...

Children are also much more comfortable with kisses making boo-boos go away and there being a Santa Claus.
Not the best argument for the Big Sky Fairy.